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Troubleshooting Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers



This is intended as a helpful guide only. If you do not feel comfortable with any of the following procedures, please do not attempt them.

System will not go on at all:

  1. Bypass rain sensor using the bypass switch located at the controller. Sprinkler system may be off due to recent rainfall or the rain sensor may be faulty or broken. (Sometimes a rain sensor will keep the system off for a couple of days after rainfall.)

  2. Is there power to the electrical outlet at the controller? If not, maybe a circuit breaker or GFI needs to be reset.

  3. Is the water that supplies the system in the "On" position. Or was any worker recently performed inside our outside where a valve may have been shut off?

  4. Is there a water filter that may be clogged? Try cleaning or replacing filter element.

System will not shut off or zone stays on after water cycle:

  1. Turn controller to off position. If this doesn't work, try unplugging controller.

  2. Shut off the water which supplies the system at the main irrigation valve. This valve should be tagged with our name on it. Call us to schedule a service.

Broken sprinkler head or piping:

  1. Turn the station water time to zero (0) for the damaged zone. The rest of the system can be used until serviced.

  2. If the leak continues, shut off the main valve to system and call for service.

Controller not working:

  1. The controller has an Error or Power message on its display. Unplug the power supply to the controller, remove the back-up battery, and wait 10 minutes. Plug in the power supply, reinstall the battery, and try reprogramming the controller. If it's still not working, call for service.

  2. Is there power to the electrical outlet at controller?

  3. Does the controller have a reset button or fuse? If so, try resetting or replacing fuse one time. If controller still doesn't work, call for service.

  4. Controller shuts off or faults on same zone number. Turn off the water time for problem zone and call for service. This should allow you to use all other zones until serviced.

  5. Refer to the operating manual for your controller. Please refer to the links on our Lawn Irrigation page. Click HERE to return to that page.